Give & Get Employer Branding

Our Give and Get approach is now being used by multiple companies around the world and the book has become a global bestseller. Combining the expertise of employer brand industry leaders Charlotte Marshall and Bryan Adams, Give & Get Employer Branding redefines the concept of an employee value proposition entirely. Instead of a sales pitch aimed at seducing candidates with sizzle, this refreshing new approach harnesses the value to be found within the cultural realities and expectations of the company. You’ll learn how to create a “smart filter,” elevate your organization’s strengths by pairing them with what it truly takes to thrive, and answer the burning questions on candidates’ minds like never before.

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Getting Goosebumps

All you will ever need to know to tell your story in a way that gives your clients and customers that warm, fuzzy feeling that keeps them coming back. It also shows how that story can be used to authentically and successfully attract the people you need to join your business and help it to grow. Whether you're a novice or a ninja, Getting Goosebumps is a step-by-step guide to improving your online presence and improving your ability to recruit great people.
Cover of Getting Goosebumps book

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