Meet Bryan

Bryan Adams

Employer Branding Expert

A specialist speaker, podcaster and twice a bestselling author, Bryan Adams has championed the “Give & Get” approach to Employer Branding that has successfully rewired businesses around the world, saving millions on ineffective Talent Acquisition. From the life of Bryan emerged a team of talented individuals who form Ph. Creative.

Meet Ph. Creative

An award-winning agency intent on championing the essence of a brand and helping them to thrive. Ph. Creative delivers on Employer Branding to secure the brightest and best candidates for some of the world’s leading companies, including Apple, Microsoft and L’Oréal; never relenting on their winning formula of Always Selling the Truth, the team would strive to become the first Employer Brand to be adopted as a main corporate brand by a Fortune 500 company. Originally founded in Liverpool, UK, Ph. Creative’s success has seen them rise over the rainbow to find new homes in London, New York and New Zealand.

Some of the core topics you will cover on this course

➡ What is Employer Branding and EVP?

For any business setting out to boost their Talent Acquisition, it’s important to clearly define the key components: Employer Branding and Employee Value Proposition.  

➡ How to define and audit your Employer Value Proposition.

Auditing your existing Employee Value Proposition will shape the future and help to harness the strengths that have worked for your company in the past.  

➡  Researching for Employer Brand.

Getting the research right can make all the difference in nailing down your authenticity and understanding the engine that drives your organization forward.    

➡ Identifying key metrics that matter to your organization.

A walkthrough on how to identify statistics that will amount to progress, avoiding metrics that many businesses assume are worthwhile but can be little more than a common pitfall.    

➡ Experience Mapping and Designing.

A powerful and essential tool, laying out your existing brand experiences helps to create a consistent brand experience that best serves your strategy and goals.  

➡ How to align your Employer Brand with business priorities to get your leader's attention, budget, resources and advocacy.

If you can calibrate with what your leaders care about and prioritize, you will quickly gain their attention, budget, resources and advocacy.  

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Who will benefit

  • Employer Brand Leaders
    Employer brand managers, directors or strategists at any stage in their career.

  • People & Talent Leaders
    Chief People Officers, HR professionals and TA leaders of large organizations.

  • Founders & Business Leaders
    Founders, CEOs, and business owners of small to medium-sized businesses.

About this Course

  • May 9th - 26th

    A flexible and modular course that packs months of traditional learning into 4 pre-recorded informative content sessions.

  • $397 USD

    This course has been created to be highly relevant to today’s employee/associate experience, and to your current employer brand challenge.

  • Live Discussions

    Scheduled live sessions once per week. Real-life business case examples and Q&A discussions with our experts.

  • Recommended Time Allowance

    We recommend 2 hours per module. Learn on your own schedule with recorded sessions.

  • Course materials

    There is a course workbook against the module content that contains the tools and models used throughout.

  • Certification

    Gain a digital certificate for your achievement to add to your LinkedIn profile.

“With the knowledge I gained from the Sprint Series, I was able to create a one-year roadmap of the top priorities I needed to tackle and establish enthusiastic buy-in from key stakeholders around my business. I couldn't be more excited to use the momentum gained from the course to drive meaningful change in our employer brand strategy.”

Mark Batke
Senior Employer Branding Specialist, Glassdoor.

“Honestly, the whole course was a big take away for me! I am only 5 months into my role, and it was something completely new. It really opened my eyes and gave me a whole new outlook on planning our strategy and how to position our brand in the market. ”

Lauren Pratley
Talent Acquisition Partner at Harvey Nash.

“I joined for fear of missing out on a great opportunity to get direct access to the Give and Get method and to do it in a short time, but my own time. I loved the workbook and access to the community, which I hope will now continue to grow and develop. I'm part of other slack groups, but no one else is really talking about strategy and employer brand.”

Marie Chaproniere
Senior Recruiter at HUBS A Protolabs Company.

“I really enjoyed this course! The world of EB is growing and I couldn't be more excited to continue pursuing opportunities like this to grow in my career. I was able to sit down and work on this during the work week, but it never felt like too much. I was able to accomplish the workbook, learn a lot and still accomplish my everyday duties”

Rachel Rizzetto
Employer Brand Content Producer at Appian Corporation.